The mighty wlarus is the second largest species of the pinniped family in the world, and the undisputed king of the Arctic  None save the giant polar bear dare to attack an adult walrus - and win.

Physical traitsEdit

An adult walrus male can reach more than 3 m in length and weigh between 360 and 1400 kg (females are smaller).


The walrus lives in the Arctic circle, either sleeping on the shoreline or on a floating ice floe, or in the water, where it can dive to the depths of 110 m. for 25 minutes.


The bear tries to bite and scratch the walrus, but the walrus's skin is too thick. Although it manages to briefly latch on with teeth, the polar bear cannot do serious damage. As the walrus flees, the polar bear gets dragged into the water, and the walrus gores the bear with its tusks. The bear attempts to flee, but the walrus kills the bear by driving its tusks into the carnivore's back.


  • The walrus is the first pinniped to appear on AFO up to date.
  • It is the second semi-aquatic mammal to win its face-off and the first semi-aquatic mammal to win against another mammal.
  • The walrus' weapons: 2 90-cm. tusks.
  • The walrus is the second mammal to win in the water.