Reaching the length of 3 m. on average and weighing about 100-270 kg, the tiger is probably the biggest wild cat of the modern times.

Fighting techniquesEdit

Like most of the members of the cat family, the tiger is an ambush hunter, attacking from cover, and then launching a sprinting attack of up to 70km/h. It uses its massive forepaws and claws to immobilize its prey, and it uses its powerful bite to suffocate it as a killing blow.


The tiger is found throughout east and south-east Asia, from India to Siberia. However, it is a very rare and endangered animal, and is extinct in parts of its former range.

Lion VS Tiger Edit

Bear VS Tiger Edit


  • Dave Salmoni was the tiger expert on the show in the Lion vs Tiger episode, while in Bear vs Tiger episode the tiger expert was Ellen Rogers.
  • The tiger and the lion were the only big cats to appear on two episodes of AFO.
  • In real life, tigers often preyed upon and killed bears (young or injured).
  • In Lion vs Tiger, the Bengal Tiger is named Shere Khan while in Bear vs Tiger, the Siberian Tiger is named Raja.

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