Saltwater Crocodile
250px-Laurie's crocodile in the garden


7 metres (23 feet)


Almost a Ton

Number of Teeth



Present Day

Enemy in the TV Series

Great White Shark


10 mph (14km/h)

First Appearance

Great White Shark vs Saltwater Crocodile

The huge saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is the biggest modern reptile, and one of the most infamous. Up to date, it appeared only in the episode "Shark vs. Crocodile", where it was defeated by a Great White Shark.


The saltwater crocodile is found in rivers and coastal areas of northern Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, as well as in southeast Asia.

Killer Whale vs Saltwater CrocodileEdit

The female killer whale outsmarts the male saltwater crocodile by avoiding his attack. The killer whale bursts out of the shadows and sinks her teeth into the crocodile's scaly skin, the killer whale kills the crocodile and eats him from his skin to heart

Physical characteristicsEdit

On the average - 4.5 m in length, but some males may reach 7 m in length and weigh 1040 kg.

Attack styleEdit

The saltwater crocodile is an ambush predator: it lies in wait underwater, in swamps and rivers, waiting for its prey. Once the prey approaches, the saltwater crocodile moves with a surprising speed, rocketing out of the water, and dragging prey - even the Asian water buffalo underwater, where it drowns.


  • A crocodile's teeth are designed to hold and smash through prey, such as an antelope or a crab: they are blunter than those of a shark.
  • In the BBC show "Inside Nature's Giants", a crocodile's bite proved to be more powerful than that of a great white shark in real life.
  • It cannot do the death roll on bigger shark like Great White Shark.