220px-Polar Bear - Alaska
The Polar bear is the world's largest carnivorous mammal, and the second bear to appear on the show. Armed with massive forepaws and 7.5-cm canines, it is a worthy adversary to the mighty walrus, it being the bear's only rival in the Arctic ocean.

Physical characteristicsEdit

A male polar bear (like the one presumably featured in the show) can be 3 m. tall and weigh between 280 and 680 kg. Females are smaller.


The polar bear is found in the Arctic Circle and the surrounding areas, usually around the ice floes. It can both walk and swim, but at a speed of just 8.4 km/h, it is no match for its prey, seals and other marine mammals, and prefers to hunt from top of the ice instead.


The bear tries to bite and scratch the walrus, but the walrus's skin is too thick. Although it manages to briefly latch on with teeth, the polar bear cannot do serious damage. As the walrus flees, the polar bear gets dragged into the water, and the walrus gores the bear with its tusks. The bear attempts to flee, but instead the bear finishes the walrus by crushing it's neck


  • The polar bear is the only bear to lose on AFO (up to date).
  • In real life, polar bears often prey upon and kill walrus pups, injured, or ill adults. Healthy adults, however, can fight the bears off and sometimes even kill them, as shown on Planet Earth.