Lion vs Tiger




Asian Lion
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Asian Lion

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Lion vs Tiger is the third episode of animal face off.


A male Lion named Simba searches for food and spots a male Tiger named Shere Khan, feasting on his kill. The Lion runs at the Tiger and catches him off guard. Shere Khan is quick to recover and attempts a fatal neck bite, but Simba shacks off the Attack. Both combantents growl at each other and start scratching fiercely at each others faces. The two big cats slug it out like boxers but can't land a killer blow. Shere Khan leaps onto Simba and tries to end the battle with a fatal neck bite, but before he can do it, the Lion's mane deflects his aim. Shere Khan retreats and then charges at Simba who knocks him to the ground and delivers a killing bite. Simba then Roars in Victory as he retains his crown as King of the Beasts.



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