The second biggest wild cat in the world, the lion is the only cat that lives in large social groups called prides.

African Lion vs Congo LeopardEdit

2 lions named Simba and Nala and their cubs are out in the Congo when Simba encounters a Congo Leopard named Sabor hunting in the jungle. The male lion roars to tell his mate to hide with their cubs, Simba leaps onto Sabor from the bushes and drags her where he encountered her as she snarls angrilly. Sabor tries to claw Simba with her claws but she misses and then Sabor tries to bite Simba's neck but she gets smashed to the ground. Simba ends her by thrashing Sabor and snapping her neck. Simba tells Nala and their cubs is safe to go out and all of them head deep into the Congo

Lion vs Tiger

In this episode, the faster, longer and taller Asian lion, Sarabi defeated the stronger and heavier Bengal tiger, Shere Khan (though some AFO fans claim that this outcome is wrong).

Lion vs Nile CrocodileEdit

In this episode, set in the Masai Mara national park, the African lion, Mufasa was defeated by the Nile crocodile, the lion unable to inflict a fatal blow upon its enemy before the Nile crocodile ambushed the lion and dragged the big cat to its death.


Sam Stephens was the lion expert

Dave Salmoni was the lion expert in lion vs croc