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Write the second section of your page here. An injured male hippopotamus is resting in the Zambezi river, unware that a hungry bull shark is roaming around, looking for food. Catching the smell of blood but not knowing where it's coming from, the shark begins the encounter with an exploratory bump - after confirming the hippo is needed food, it tries to get in some bites starting by his side; however, the hippo's thick hide, combined with his enormous girth and weight, is too much of a mouthful; and even the thin skin behind the back proves too tough. Despite all of this, the shark does manage to rip off the hippo's tail. All this while, the hippo has been roaring in pain, without knowing what hit him. His short temper lights a fire in his belly. Soon, the bull submerges, and spots the deadly shark. The hippo opens his mouth, revealing his huge foot long canines, but the shark keeps coming. Furious, the hippo crushes the shark's head as he closes his mouth, killing the shark.

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