Great White Shark vs Saltwater Crocodile is the first episode of Animal face-off.

Great White Shark




Great White Shark
Saltwater Crocodile


Northern Australian Coast


Great White Shark

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A female great white shark is roaming close to shore, looking for food; a saltwater crocodile swims nearby, looking for a new territory. The great white bits the crocodile on the tail. Accustomed to defending himself against rivals, the crocodile bites the shark's tail, but cannot get a good grip. The shark swims off and makes a wide turn for a full-on assault; all of a sudden, the crocodile gets the first bite on her pectoral fin. The bite tears off the shark′s fin, helped by the classic death roll. Despite the injury, the great white is still strong.The shark later bits on one of the croc's legs. Then, the shark and crocodile collide head on; the crocodile grabs hold of the shark′s snout with his crushing bite. This time, the shark cannot fight back; the crocodile attempts another death roll. After that, they both sink. Running out of air, the crocodile breaks the death roll and heads straight to the surface. The shark takes advantage of him; with the crocodile's soft underbelly exposed, she comes back with a textbook attack, killing the crocodile with a powerful bite.