220px-Gorilla mother and baby at Volcans National Park

The gorilla is the world's biggest primate and the strongest animal in the African jungle

vs the leopard, the smallest, stealthiest and deadliest of the roaring cats (Panthera).

Wild Animal Fight ClubEdit

The sun was setting over The Congo jungle and the male gorilla was returning home unknown to him a leopard was on the hunt. The gorilla tried punching the leopard but the leopard leaped on him and dug her teeth into the gorilla's shoulder but the gorilla wrestled her off. The gorilla deserved a chance to bite her back. The leopard roared in pain and tried to pounce on the gorilla. But the gorilla hammer smashed the leopard, breaking her back


  • The statistics: Height - 1.65 m, Weight - 160 kg, Weapons: 4 x 5 cm. canines, 2 powerful arms.
  • The gorilla is the only primate to appear on AFO up to date.
  • When the gorilla model was first tested, it was able to break a piece of bamboo with a single bite. This is because its bite force - 520 kg (1300 pounds) is more than twice as powerful as the leopard's bite (200 kg/500 pounds).
  • When the scientists tested the strength of gorilla's arms, they were able to exert 503.6 kg/1259 pounds of pressure.
  • Dr. Traci Stavinki, primatologist, was the the gorilla expert.