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African Elephant
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African Elephant

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Elephant vs Rhino is the second episode of Animal Face Off.

Plot Edit

On the Serengeti Plains, a white rhino is grazing until he feels the ground shaking. A bull African elephant named Tantor is coming the rhino's way. The rhino sees Tantor as a prominent threat and challenges Tantor. The elephant trumpets at the rhino, and both combatants charge. The rhino goes for a charge-and-thrust maneuver, but the much smarter elephant dodged at the last second. The rhino then tries to stab Tantor's throat with its horn, but Tantor is too tall. The rhino then attempts an agile headbutt, but Tantor defends quickly with his head, trunk, and tusks. Tantor than stabs the rhino with his tusks, breaking one of them in the process. Tantor finally topples and crushes the rhino under his weight, killing him. The battle won, Tantor trumpets for victory, retaining his heavyweight title.