Mountain lion

The cougar (photo from Wikipedia).

The cougar', also known as the puma and the mountain 'lion is the biggest and fastest cat in North America.

Let's see if a Cougar fights a Wolf, the biggest wild dog in North America. And a Cougar fighting a Tiger

Which is deadliest?

Cougar vs TigerEdit

A female cougar named Nala who promises her husband Simba and her cubs, Kion, Kiara, Kovu and Vitani that she win against the female tiger named Tigress. Nala leaps onto Tigress and bites her back leg but Tigress bites Nala's forepaw, After Nala swipes deeply into Tigress' skin. Nala bites Tigress' back and grips her claws onto her back, But Tigress pins Nala and tries to finish her. Nala ferociously uses her legs and kicks Tigress into the air and smashing her bones. Nala finishes Tigress by crushing her neck, Soon after Nala returns to her husband, Simba and her cubs, Kion, Kiara, Kovu and Vitani and the cougar family head off together to find a new cave

Cougar vs Wolf

The wolf named Pete was busy eating his dinner. A cougar named Shira smells meat from a long distance and investigated. Shira walks towards Pete eating and thinks about trying to steal the food, but knew he cannot win once the wolf called for reinforcements. Pete noticed him and growls. Shira counters with the same technique, crouching and growling. Feeling his meal threatened, Pete responds by charging forward and ferociously bites Shira's back leg, but backs off when the cougar pounces on him with his front legs and lethal claws. Low on stamina, Shira tries to flee, but Pete continues the fight. Pete howls loudly, clearly calling for help from its friends, bites Shira on the forepaw, then pins him, but Shira shakes off the attack. The cougar shoves Pete in the air with his front and back paws, and then kills him with a bite to the neck. Shira sniffs the carcass, then he hears the wolf pack approaching and flees.


  • Dr Ellen Rogers was the cougar specialist.
  • The cougar is the first feline to win a face-off against a non-feline opponent.
  • The cougar is the second smallest big cat after the leopard.