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The brown bear is the second biggest bear in the modern world. Though now it occupies only 2% of its former range, it once lived throughout Europe, Asia, and western North America. How will it match, however, to the Siberian Tiger, the largest cat in the world?

Physical attributesEdit

A Siberian brown bear is slightly smaller than its grizzly and Kodiak cousins, but it still weighs 680 kg (over half a ton) and can reach 2-3 m in height when it rears up. It can run up to 49 km/h, though only on short distance, and it is armed with enough enough power and shpar claws to kill anything that it comes across, including moose, wapiti - and man.

Bear vs. DragonEdit

On the first day of spring, under the blossom trees a bear is wandering around the valley and knows a dragon nearby. The dragon leaps towards the bear but the bear scratches the dragon, the dragon grabs the bear and puts it into a headlock but the bear bites its leg. The dragon hugs the bear and flies into the air and dives into a lake, the bear's strength fails and drowns

Bear vs. TigerEdit

On a winter day, in the Siberian Taiga, the bear named Teddy attempts to steal the tiger's kill. The tiger named Raja then attacks the bear, but Teddy is able to deflect each strike. Raja tries to go for the jugular, but fails. Teddy gets the tiger on the ground, and moves on, thinking Raja is finished. However, Raja jumps up on Teddy from behind and latches on with his claws, cutting deep. Despite Raja's persistent attacks, Teddy's thick fur and fat, combined with his enormous girth, are too much for Raja. Teddy finishes the fight by breaking Raja's back and biting him on the neck, to confirm victory.