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Anaconda vs Jaguar was the 9th episode of the series. It featured a green female Anaconda facing off with a male Jaguar off the shores of the Amazon River.


A male jaguar heads to the Amazon river while a large female anaconda is patrolling the shore. As the spotted cat enters the water, the snake sees him as prey. She flickers her tongue out and takes position, waiting for the right moment to strike. He can sense the danger, but cannot see her beneath the surface. A bird call distracts him; the snake takes advantage of him and strikes without warning, wrapping her coils over the big cat. Soon, both mammal and reptile sink underwater. The jaguar gets away at first by biting the anaconda′s tail and cutting her with his claws. Hurt and bleeding, the anaconda attempts to flee, but the jaguar, determined to have her for dinner, tries to fish her out of the water. On land, she turns around and launches a surprise attack, knocking the cat and coiling around him again. Too tired to fight back, the jaguar is defeated – and soon killed by her because he can't escape her coils. She retains her crown as "Queen of the Jungle" cold, calculating and immensely strong.