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Anaconda, the biggest snake in the world, queen of the Amazon;

vs. Jaguar, the biggest wild cat of the New World. Who is deadliest?


The female green anaconda named Kaa strikes rapidly from beneath the water, wrapping herself around the male jaguar named Max and clamping her coils over his head. Both mammal and reptile sink underwater after she flickers her tongue out at him as he senses danger but can't see her. The big cat gets away by biting the snake's tail and cutting her with his sharp claws. Hurt and bleeding, the reptile attempts to flee, but Max the jaguar fishes the snake out of the water. He's determined to have her for dinner. Then Kaa the anaconda makes a sudden counterattack, grabbing the big cat's head and coiling around him again. Max the jaguar is too tired from the battle to fight back and is killed and eaten (off-screen) by much bigger snake. He can't escape her coils anymore. Kaa the anaconda is the second reptilian animal and the only female reptile to win in the scenario. She retains her crown as Queen of the Amazon Jungle.


  • When the anaconda model was first tested, it fell short of its initial goal - biting into an egg plant.
  • Dr. Adam Britton was the Anaconda expert on the show.
  • The anaconda is the only snake to appear on AFO up to date.
  • The female Green Anaconda is also the only female reptilian animal to win.
  • The female Green Anaconda is named Kaa.